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SecuWatcher for CCTV.

SecuWatcher for CCTV is Video Information Security System for preventing personal information and images taken on CCTV screens in a case of any potential leakage.

System introduction.

video information security system protect personal information and images taken on CCTV
screens in a case of any potential leakage. SECUWATCHER.

SECUWATCHER for CCTV is a video information security system for preventing infringement of private information by CCTV video leakage and forgery using encryption and safe transmission system. SECUWATCHER for CCTV is divided into external image export module, image export(personal privacy protection function) and video encryption module. It can be added to a existing CCTV system facilities as an additional configuration.

Real time encryption of video data

Video encryption module in SECUWATCHER for CCTV encrypt video image files in real-time to protect personal privacy by any possibility of video leakage and forgery.

System features and benefits.

  1. 01 video encryption
    • NIS accredited high-speed encryption of large-capacity image files with lightweight encryption(real-time encryption)
    • Secure storage of image files through the lightweight encryption module
    • No charge in image file size before and after encryption
    • Support video data access control with image encryption function to prevent indiscriminate usage by internal users
  2. 02 Introduction effect
    • Perfect security system of personal information(personal image) in CCTV video footage
    • Prevention of secondary damage due to video leakage with video encryption
    • Illegal image distribution, forgery and duplication are blocked at the time of viewing and exporting images