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SecuWatcher for CCTV.

SecuWatcher for CCTV is Video Information Security System for preventing personal information and images taken on CCTV screens in a case of any potential leakage.

System introduction.

video information security system protect personal information and images taken on CCTV
screens in a case of any potential leakage. SECUWATCHER.

SECUWATCHER for CCTV is a video information security system for preventing infringement of private information by CCTV video leakage and forgery using encryption and safe transmission system. SECUWATCHER for CCTV is divided into external image export module, image export(personal privacy protection function) and video encryption module. It can be added to a existing CCTV system facilities as an additional configuration.

Online video export system.

A Video export system of SecuWatcher for CCTV supports privacy protection (masking), forgery and duplication prevention (watermark) function at the time of exporting video data, thus preventing the leakage of personal information due to illegal distribution of image data. We provide differentiated functions and privileges by separating the function for police and public.

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System features and benefits.

  1. 01 Personal privacy protection (privacy protection)
    • Masking function of personal privacy based on privacy Act
    • Supports Human & Face Detection function
    • Provides automatic object tracking and manual object tracking
  2. 02 Preventing forgery and falsification of images
    • Support image and text watermark system
    • Application of zero watermarking technique to image attack
    • Track outflow path during video leak
  3. 03 Video export management
    • Online video export application (web, mobile)
    • Providing various information (usage status) and statistical chart through dashboard
    • Systematic image export process through management server (image data registration, viewing, export, approval)
    • One-stop management for all processes including system subscription, application, approval, registration, reading and export
    • Video access control using own video player (limited playback time, limited number of playbacks)
    • Screen capture and image capture prevention
    • Provide differentiation service for export video image to police and citizens. (Police for investigation and citizens for general use)


SecuWatcher for CCTV provides dashboard system to support systematic export history management for video export application and various information.

Private security video player.

Tamper-resistant by capturing video or screen images. Given time and date to play video files to prevent any potential leakage.

Object detection.

  1. 1 Automatic object detection
  2. 2 Selective object detection(object assignment)
  3. 3 Selective object detection(object tracking)
  4. 4 Selective object detection(unmasking)
  5. 5 Manual object detection