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SecuFace is a real-time customer statistical solution based on face analysis developed with proprietary technology.

System introduction.

Big data-based Customer Statistical Analysis Solution

Companies can gain insights into business operations by collecting customer statistical data in real-time with SecuFace, which records gender, age, emotion, stay time, floating population, and the number of potential customers. This solution is especially useful for someone who enters store, age groups of people interested in advertising, or retail stores caring about large franchise businesses and customer management. By gathering this information via SecuFace, companies can make data-driven marketing decisions and build close relationships with customers, which will be a key factor in a success of the business.

SecuFace Accuracy

  • 01 +/-30 degrees in-of-plane rotation
  • 02 0.0009 sec Real-time Face Detection
  • 03 300M per sec Real-time Matching Speed
  • 04 99.9% 1:1 Person Match
  • 05 98% 1:N Person Match
  • 06 +/-5yr Age Detection

Key Feature.

  1. 01Customer StatisticsIt provides data on visitor statistics during hours, days and months with collecting customer statistics such as gender, age and even facial expressions.
  2. 02VIP RecognitionEven at other stores, it can be connected that some important information of your loyal customers and preferred customers anytime, anywhere.
  3. 03Data DashboardIt provides a user-friendly platform that supports customizing features that allow users to review what they want in real-time on their mobile and PC based on customer statistics.

How it Works.

Secure Space Configuration PlotView Image Larger

  • SecuFace acquires image through the camera module and detects faces. The feature is extracted from the detected face and it is analyzed.
  • To register the VIP, the face information is registered in the system and the face is recognized by matching based on the registered face.
  • SecuFace system utilizes the registerde facial information of VIP to provide the ability to track the same. VIP customers in system of other stores. This allows you to efficiently manage your VIP.
  • SecuFace connected to the main server via wired and wireless network and transmit customer statistics.



  • SecuFace is a big-data-based customer statistical analysis solution that can be used in a wide range of applications and can be applied to department stores, retail stores, hospitals, or large-scale marketing analyses.
  • SecuFace supports various environments, including POS systems, card terminals and kiosks, as well as programming languages, and can be developed according to the needs of users.