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"WooKyoung Information Technology" will provide high quality service.

The WooKyoung Information Technology.

Since its establishment in December 2008, WooKyoung Information Technology has been focusing on H/W, S/W, Service, and Solutions that have become the foundation of IT field.
Also, we provide the best consulting and solutions to government,
public institutions, schools, and hospitals by securing fundamental technologies in the field of information security and unstructured data security.

Information security consulting, construction and maintenance
Integrated security system construction, operation and maintenance
F/W, VPN, IPS, system access control, D/B security
Construction of security infrastructure diagnosis and security management system
System Integration/Network Integration Construction and Maintenance
IT system transfer construction and network & line provision service
Computer system integration and integrated wire/wireless network construction
Unstructured data system development
Analysis and Development of AI, IoT, Smart Factory, Smart Healthcare
Big Data Analysis, Cloud Analysis System

Leading company of informatization, WooKyoung Information Tech.

  • Date of FoundationDecember 10, 2008
  • Number of employees69 people
  • CEOPark, Yun Ha
  • Business areasSoftware development
    Develop and sell video information security solutions
    Information security construction and consulting
    System Integration/Network Integration
  • Main product lineCCTV video information security system
    Face recognition and search solutions
    Cloud-based content copyright protection solution
  • Contact/FAX/E-mail(+82) 53-792-3031 / (+82) 53-794-3042 / wkit@wkit.co.kr
  • Head office.904, Software Venture Tower, 117 Dongbuk-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
  • branch.1106, Seoul forest Halla Sigma Valley Ⅱ, 7, Seoungsui-ro 7-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

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